KotDT (Knights of the Data Table) (Pronounced /ˈkoʊdɪd/)

  was founded merging the use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology and a simple concept for its business structure based upon a             model that was used in the days of yore - Chivalry.

  The core belief of KotDT is that business can and should be conducted using a sound code of ethics and standards. Since the knights of the             Medieval age also used a code of ethics for their daily lives and bore their standards on the battlefield, it was a natural correlation for KotDT to use   the same model. Likewise, since the greatest knights of their day gathered to sit at a round table, our "knights" gather together around the data         tables and standards that are used for EDI.

  Although there were many different rules within the code of Chivalry, the basic tenants that KotDT follows are Honor, Integrity, Courtesy,                   Valor and Loyalty.

  Integrity - a business that believes in character and honesty.

  Courtesy - a business that provides the utmost in consideration, acceptance and respect for its customers.

  Loyalty - a business that serves its customers with selflessness.

  Honor - a business that provides its services through keeping its word and its principles.

  Valor - a business that believes in always doing its best through word and deed.  

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