EDI is the exchange of electronic business documents between trading partners using a pre-defined formatting standard. Although the standard may be pre-defined, the implementation of it can be vastly different from organization to organization. Different industries use different standards as well as different methods for implementing the same electronic document. 

For years, there has been a stigma surrounding EDI that it is either difficult or expensive to implement and that gains in efficiency are not worth the effort. Most of the time, companies are forced into doing EDI because of a requirement to do business. It seems to most that it is a "necessary evil" that must be dealt with and so most companies choose to enter into doing EDI with this mindset. Many times, their "taste" for EDI gets tainted simply because the implementation of the EDI tools was performed with a "one-size-fits-all" methodology.

KotDT understands that in order to achieve your goals, the key is in the understanding of how your business works. We spend the time in gaining an understanding of your business as well as your overall goals to then implement EDI as a natural extension of your business. By embracing EDI and its capabilities, many different types of efficiency gains can be accomplished as well as exponential growth of your business.

KotDT's services a multitude of industries with their EDI needs either using the EDI tools that were already procured or in assisting you with a selection of EDI tools.


KotDT conducts surveys, analysis, and uses observation of your business and processes to create a comprehensive plan to help you establish your overall EDI strategy. By understanding your business, we can assist you with resource allocation, automation assistance and deliver best practice methodologies that are specific to EDI. Not only will you be able to be compliant with your trading partners, we can alleviate you from your EDI deliverables to allow you to focus on gaining additional business!

project management

Already have established EDI projects? We can assist you with managing the projects to keep them on schedule. Whether you need partner on-boarding, mapping, etc, we can identify technology, training, and processes to take your service team to the next level. We also use industry-standard, established tools that can assist you with evaluation of your projects from start to finish.

If you have new EDI tools or are in the process of research/evaluation, we can assist you with your decision making. With our extensive experience with many different EDI tools and industries, we can provide you with the knowledge to help you make the best informed decisions. We also have established relationships with many EDI, ERP, TMS and WMS solution providers to assist you in the evaluation process. Whether you are new to the EDI world or have extensive experience with it, we can provide you with the assistance that you are looking for.



KotDT can provide you with different sets of training methods and support models to accommodate your EDI strategy. Whether you are looking for best practices or specific solutions, we can assist you with a model to fit your needs.

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